You are a beautiful soul inhabiting a strong body. Complete wellness means connecting your mental, spiritual, and physical parts into one being. That’s our mission at Bliss Yoga. Unlike the majority of yoga studios in town, our classes are more than just general fitness and basic wellness. We incorporate ancient meditative practices with proven workout methods to provide deeply rejuvenating practices for every part of your being.  

Bliss was founded 5 years ago by Jane Garcia, a born and raised native in the area. She found the hustle and bustle of the city to be overwhelming and stressfful, so she set off into the mountains on a formal yoga retreat. Weeks later, she was still feeling the physical, mental, and spiritual effects of a week of yoga. She continued learning and studying the practice herself, and she soon decided to spead her knowledge to the community. She created Bliss Yoga as an escape from everyday city life to come back to the grounded center of our bodies, minds, and souls. 

We offer classes for all levels, ranging from beginner to professional. Whether you’ve never tried a class before or you want to teach the practice yourself, Bliss Yoga has programs and offerings tailored to your skillset and goals. Our studio provides the most weekly classes in a 50-mile radius, so you can always find a session that works with your schedule. Each of our classes is designed to promote a calm mind, fit body, and empowered spirit.  

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