Our 101 classes introduce you to the basics of yoga. We move through the poses at a slower pace to explain the mechanics and benefits of each movement in depth. Even our beginner classes will improve your flexibility, make you sweat, calm your mind, and bring you a deeper understanding of self. 



Whether you’ve taken a few classes or you’re looking to improve your understanding of the practice, our guides are trained to share their expertise and bring you to the next level. Most of our yoga classes can be tailored to the needs of the intermediate student. 



Looking for more yoga at a higher level? Try out some of our exciting advanced classes like hot yoga, dance workouts, and inverted movements. We also have monthly meditation and flexibility challenges to reduce stress and awaken your overall wellness. You'll always be pushed to the next level at Bliss.



For the more seasoned yogi, Bliss is specially qualified to provide professional-level yoga courses to develop your involvement in the community. We offer classes to become a certified instructor, and we even organize yoga retreats near and far to awaken your deepest levels of spirituality. 


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We invite yogis of all levels to relax your mind, strengthen your body, and awaken your spirituality at Bliss Yoga. It's time you do something for you.  

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